Caleb- The man with a passion

“But my servant Caleb, because he had another spirit with him, and hath followed me fully, him will I bring into the land whereinto he went; and his seed shall possess it.” (Num 14:24)

Caleb- some say it translates as ‘dog’, what a meaning to give a name of a great man of His generation; but still what does it matter a names name? maybe Caleb was a rough man, but what does that matter, I have come across scores of men like so, and I can confidently say that the heartiest of men are rough, even so in the scriptures we need not look too far as John the Baptist. As the unpolished oyster yet bears within it the priceless pearl, sometimes ruggedness of the exterior covereth worth.

A dog however is not all bad, it has it’s virtue; that it follows his master, so then this Caleb is well named, for there is not a dog that follows his master as Caleb followed his God. A dog follows his master when he rides on a horseback, through the mud and dirt for many a-tiresome mile, and so Caleb keeps close to God.

Caleb though has another interpretation, I rather like; it means “all heart”. Now, this is a fitting surname for him, whose whole heart followed His God. He was a man of healthy and mighty Spirit; he did nothing heartlessly; his Spirit was not that of the Laodicean lukewarmess, which was neither hot nor cold. God needed not spew him out of His mouth, for the heart Caleb was of Holy heat. I tell you friends there are few men in this our times with the heart like Caleb.

Many have no Heart, ah yes, they have mouth, which swalloweth much and hands that grasps much and feet that takes long strides; they have a head to understand and think and feet to move and hands to act, but bowels of compassion and a feeling heart they have not. The moment you come into their company you perceive what they are, just like the crew on a sea vessel knows when there is an iceberg in the neighbourhood, by the sudden chill which comes over them. You shake the mans hand, it drops into your hand as cold as a dead fish, the mans blood is cold as a Decembers winter frost; you talk to him about religion, which he professes to love so much, but His words are few, his syllables faint, for his heart is not in the matter.

How we need many a-men like Caleb in this our generation who cannot but help talk about God with passion, emotion with an indisputable desire to follow God.


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