Endangered species

Recently my quiet time has been somewhat overwhelming, the pace at which God has been revealing much to me has been strange, I dear to say more than I could handle, but still I am really enjoying it.

I was reading Psalm 12:1-8, and I wrote this:From the first verse, the psalmist cries for help; a divine help from God. Perhaps he has reached a point in his life when God is the only one to turn to. He says, ‘Godly men are no more; for faithfulness fails from among the children of men…’it is remarkable how that line reflects the world and society we live today. In a world where our leaders lack vision, it is inevitable that when Godly men depart from the scene, faithfulness follows. Reading this I imagine that this would be the feeling experienced by many left behind when the rapture takes place. The psalmist see his predicament and cries to God for immanent help; quite contrast to the modern day man, who fails to see his horrible and sinful state, and even when he does, the pride of life and intellectualism shields his eyes from the truth.

The psalmist goes on to talk about the folly of the state of man; ‘who speak foolishly; and deceive many with their flattering lips and double minded heart’ he goes on to pray that may God cut off their bragging tongue, as they esteem themselves above others and above God. Reading this I imagine this is what to expect from the anti-Christ; who will come and flatter the world with eloquent words, he will portray himself to be a man of peace and would be as a god among the nations.

God sees the anguish of the psalmist; he answers him by declaring that he will arise and provide safety for those who long for it. The problem with man is we want so many things but we don’t long for it, no thirst, no zeal, no passion, no desire but yet we expect to want those things to work for us, and go in our favour.

In a time of great tribulation and suffering this promise from God to give safety for those who long for it, is like an oasis of fresh water in the desert. The psalmist puts it like this ‘ The word’s of the Lord are pure words as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times’ How comforting is this to hear; that when we feell that men have deceived and let us down time and time again; when we feel sometimes sincerity and truth has disappeared or gone out of existence; we must remember there is hope; hope in the word of God. God’s word is flawless and pure like refined silver. The task therefore is to listen when God speaks.

When a Godly man or woman live in an environment of persecution and lies, but yet fails to put on his armour of warfare he makes himself endagered specie. Likewise when a man lives a life filled with lies and decites and esteems himself; he too is endangered specie.

In these last days when truth is not being honoured, lying is an epidemic, marriages are being destroyed, society is fragmenting, Godliness is being discounted and the future looks bleak. We ought to pray: ‘Help, o Lord. The Godly are endangered species’.


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