About Jide Nowoola

Hi, I’m Jide, I was born in the summer of 1983 in London, shortly after my parents returned to Nigeria, West Africa, where I was to spend the major part of my childhood.

In May 1996 I was to return to England to forge a brighter future. Today  I am Graduate with a BA in Media studies with Public relations and currently serve as a youth leader; coach; mentor; and give public talks at schools, churches, and youth events. I am married to a caring and wonderful wife (Sade) and we are blessed with a beautiful baby daughter (Gabrielle).

In 2004 I experience a life changing transformation, when I surrendered his life to Christ, I have from then lived a life honouring to God; sharing this passion for Christ with the youths across the nation. A mix of my academic study of social science and my faith in God has given me insightful look at life and society in a different light.

In this Blog I will be sharing some of my Christian experiences, through God’s word, and thoughts on current social issues from the Biblical points of view.

Please feel free to share my posts and recommend my blog to anyone you feel may benefit.


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